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Mark: 1 - Ninjas: 0
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Mark: 1 - Ninjas: 0

Day breaks in Jerusalem and Mark is seen walking down the street writing some stuff as he goes. The guy is looking totally sweet or hard-core with his fully rockin hair and sweet sandals. The audience can see several ninjas stalking him and the music gets all scary and freaky like the music from Touched By An Angel! The audience would get kinda scared except for the fact that by the smile on Marks face, they can tell he knows the ninjas are there. As he passes a well, this totally hard ninja jumps out but Mark is ready for him and yells DUDE! Mark proceeds to kick the ninja in the face so hard the guy looks like Ted Koppel for a week! SWEET! Then these other ninjas surround him but he doesnt look too worried. Mark twirls his walking staff and goes at the ninjas with a fury only matched by the coolness of his hair. Ninja after ninja goes flying into the well as Mark fully BONKS each and every one of them. As the last Ninja falls, Mark pulls his harp out and begins to wail on it like a Rock Star! The credits roll as the hot first century Jerusalem babes flock to him from the near by buildings.



*note* I thought of this script while I was at Wal Mart buying frozen burritos one day. I got so pumped I kicked the store manager in the kneecap so hard he couldn't even stock the frozen peas anymore!