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Disciple Archive

Disciples are everywhere! You never know when one will turn up. There's a good chance that if you live in first century Jerusalem you will see one. How sweet is that?

My buddy, An Hava Inn, with Simon Peter--LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT GUY! (Sweet D. Pete, not An Hava):


Tell time with the Twelve:


Here's possibly the most famous disciple sighting ever:


This is a picture of James and John (the sons of Zebedee) on their Harleys--TOTALLY ROCKIN'!:


Sighting by Maria
"I was at home one day playing jacks with my dog. I was winning. It turns out paws aren't as useful for grasping and holding small objects as they are for other things, like digging for example. Anyway, along comes the most fully rockin Disciple ever, Simon "Dude" Peter. He was like "Hey" but I couldn't talk. He smiled and walked away. Now I'd never cheat on my boyfriend, but if anyone could tempt me it would be Peter... not that he'd ever try. He's too noble."
Sighting by a guy I know named Rusty...
"I was in this mall near Washington DC buying clothes at The Gap. This guy walked by in a sweet robe and sandals. He was writing stuff. All the babes seemed to be checking him out but I could tell he didn't even think twice about it. I later learned that the guy was Matthew! Sweet!"
Sighting by this girl Maria...
"One time, when I was hanging out at the hotdog stand, I saw this cat climb up a tree.  Then it couldn't come back down again.  And then there was this guy wearing sandals and he had hair that didn't need gel or anything.  He got that cat out of the tree and didn't event think twice about it! Then he looked at me and said, DUDE!"
All the hot Jerusalem babe were around him, and then he offered to take them to get some fish tacos. I was like SWEET!
Sighting by a sweet dude named Karl...
'I thought I was tough, until I met Simon Peter in a bar on Wilshire. He said, "Man, you drink like a fish! Follow me!" But I didn't feel like bar hopping that night, so then he got me in a headlock and slapped my head repeatedly with one of his sandals. After he left, the bartender bought me a Bass Ale, and told me I was lucky to be alive! DUDE! '
Sighting by this fully hard-core dude named Tony...
"dude, this one time I had a devil in me, and this disciple totally cast it out and then BONKED it so hard its pants fell down! Then the disciple taught me a new pop-lock routine!"
See, I told you it could happen anywhere. Keep your eyes peeled! Be especially on the look out near hot dog stands and Firehouses.

Random Disciple fact...
Disciples all like fish tacos.
There was this time, like before rock music was popular and cave men were still cool, that this guy I know, Rusty, saw this fully sweet and/or hard-core Disciple dude, Thaddeus totally BONK this fully lame guy named Herrod and not even think twice about it!

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