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Don't believe us when we tell you how totally sweet Disciples are? Here is testimony from this fully sweet chick named Zeeb. What she has to say leaves absolutly no question in my mind who the sweetest dudes ever to walk the face of to Earth are! YEAH!

These guys are ROCKIN!

Dearest mom.

The kid deserved it!

Who gets the job done?

Disciples cooler than Sasquatch

Comment on Disciples

What does Mr. T think?

Zeebs Random Disciple fact

Fish Tacos

Can I get a....

Try playing these from their current location. If they will not play, download them (takes only a few seconds) and listen to them. Then delete them if you want. You'll be glad you listened to these! Zeeb rocks!

Pirate Zeeb
ARRRRGH! That scurvy dog Pirate Zeeb is at it again!

Listening to Zeeb's testimony gets me so pumped I do six summersaults and recite the Gettysburg Address in Ancient Hebrew!