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Disciple Archive

Ever want to know what sites Disciples enjoy when they are surfing the net? Here it is...

Bible Gateway - This site is humorous, yes, but here is the most important link we can provide you, in our opinions. If the humor of our site makes you curious about the real stories, check this out.
Wotmania - All about the Wheel of Time fantasy series. Thomas totally DIGS this site!
The Official Ninja Web Site - Simon Peter goes here all the time to make sure those pesky ninjas are not making any trouble.
The Pirate Ship - Since James the Elder heads up the Disciples Anti-Pirate department, you can well imagine he spends a lot of time on this site.
Cooking With BigFoot - Judas (not Iscariot) has always had a certain interest in BigFoot. Let's face it, the guy is pretty sweet. Judas (not Iscariot) recommends this site highly.
Doug? Who's that? - John the Beloved gives this site the sweet seal of approval. He goes to this site with a fish taco in one hand and a diet Mr Pibb in the other! ROCKIN'!
Fandango - Disciples all love movies. They buy thier tickets here. James the Younger likes the convienience of bypassing the ticket window. TOTALLY SWEET!
The Lord of the Rings - It was unanimous. All 12 Disciples loved this movie!
The Official Pharisees Web Site - You can all well imagine how the Disciples need to keep an eye on these guys.

Each and every one of these sites gets me so pumped I eat 3 candy bars and sing the 'Hallelujah Chorus' an octave higher than I normally do!