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Disciple Archive

Who better to sing the praises of Disciples than the quintessential utensil--Spoonman! Here is testimony from this fully sweet piece of flatware who knows how to party.  BOOYAH!

Thomas likes chopsticks

Rusty wails on his harp

Disciples' vocabulary

Rusty's headache

Try playing these from their current location. If they will not play, download them (takes only a few seconds) and listen to them. Then delete them if you want. You'll be glad you listened to these! Spoonman rocks!

The Disciples are not in any way tarnished by Spoonman's testimonials! DUDE!

A Disciple fan named Obsidian Ashaman said that listening to Spoonman's Disciple testimonials got him so jacked up that somebody he met in the second grade did a cartwheel, and they didn't even know why!