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Most of you don't know the great eatbugs.  That's ok.  She's a good bud of the disciples' and she even goes out to Taco Bell with them and stuff.  So, we had her give us just a tidbit of her knowledge about how totally sweet and/or hardcore disciples are!  YEAH!

Are disciples superheros?

Rockin' disciples at the 7-Eleven

James the Younger is HARDCORE

Some disciple comparisons

Simon Peter vs. Bigfoot--no contest

If you see a disciple...

Favorite foods of the Disciples

Dude...Rusty's a goner

Thomas at band camp...

Try playing these from their current location. If they will not play, download them (takes only a few seconds) and listen to them. Then delete them if you want (but you'll probably want to save them forever and maybe even put them on a CD). You'll be glad you listened to these! eatbugs is fully rockin' and/or hardcore!

Listening to eatbugs talk about disciples makes me so totally stoked that I watch like 10 back-to-back episodes of My Little Pony and/or The Electrician's Story and then go out to get some kugel.