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The Disciples are nothing if not handy. They can fix anything and if you don't believe me now you will after reading this page (or after a Leper uses his mind control on you). I once saw James the Elder and Judas (not Iscariot) install the plumbing for a full bathroom plus bathing space in some dudes nasty little hut. I thought it was cool when Judas (not Iscariot) asked me to hand him the monkey wrench. There's just something great about a Disciple using the word 'monkey'. YEAH!

Your Thatch and You... with Andrew
Howdy there, my internet friends! I'm Andrew brother of Simon. I know a thing or two about totally sweet Disciple footwear but I bet you didn't know I can thatch a roof like nobodys business! It's just that I don't like to brag.
So today I'll be giving you my tips for keeping your thatched roof in tip-top shape. The main problem with thatch is that it's light. A strong desert wind comes along and can blow your roof right off. Bad news in Galilee. To keep this from happening, tie you thatch together to make one big piece. Then secure it it to your walls using 3/8" lag screws. I recommend the DeWalt corded hammer drill and masonry bits. However, since most of you who live in such dwellings are first century Jews, a crude hammer and steel spike will work.
Thanks and happy thatching!
Andrew brother of Simon
Building Your Deck with Discarded Commandment Tablets... with Judas Iscariot
Hello cyber pals! Judas Iscariot (Hot first century Jerusalem babes agree I'm hot) here with some home improvement tips.
Ever thought about relaxing on your own deck in the back of you mud hovel but didn't have the silver to buy the materials? Well, I can help. Commandment Tablets. That right. Those big stone slabs can be used for more than just etching the laws of God on them. They are ideal for decking. Pay attention now. Find yourself a couple of Commandment Tablets and a wooden rod. If you don't know where to get them I recommend Holy Relic Depot.
So you take your rod and cut it into fourths. These are your posts or beams. Bury them at least one foot into the ground at the corners of your would-be deck. Then, lay your Tablets on top. Now pull up a chair and relax.
Judas Iscariot

Improving my dirty little hut is so totally sweet and/or fully hardcore that I beat my head on the wall for hours! Only then I realized it wasn't my head but Rusty's! So he had a headache which is understandable. Then I watched every episode of Survivor: Africa back to back! SWEET!