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Disciple Archive

Many of you have found the disciples with all their many names confusing.  Hopefully this page will clear that right up for you:

Simon (a.k.a. Peter or Cephas)
The absolute ROCKIN'EST disciple of all.  Simon Peter is not only the best ninja and pirate fighter of the 12, but he can whip up a fish taco that beats any this side of Galilee.  Perhaps that's because he's a fisherman, I don't know.

James (the Elder)  - BOTH James and John we also called "sons of thunder" or "Boanerges"
James is perhaps most well-known for his love of beans.  He and his brother John can put down an entire 5lb can of food service grade beans with their hotdogs.  You now know where their nickname "sons of thunder" came from. James's favorite food is all-beef hotdogs.

John (the Beloved Disciple) - BOTH James and John we also called "sons of thunder" or "Boanerges"
John was truly the "disciple that Jesus loved."  He did so much writing that what he wrote is included in the Bible.  John likes fresh bass (the fish, not the instrument) tacos and ska music.

Andrew (brother of Simon)
Also a fisherman, he can make SWEET fish tacos too, but they're not as good as Peter's.  Sorry, but that's just the facts.  Andrew does know all the best sandal-shops though.

Not much is known about Philip--heck, we don't even have more than one name for him.  We know he likes (as all disciples do) fish tacos, hotdogs, and kicking ninja butt, but other than that, all we know is that he was "cruelly put to death."  DUDE!

Nathanael (a.k.a. Bartholomew)
Nathanael has THE best hair of all the disciples.  And he doesn't use any mousse or gel or anything!  Is that ROCKIN' or WHAT!?

Thomas (a.k.a. Didymous)
Also called "doubting Thomas" at times, Thomas loves fish tacos, hot dogs, olives, and Diet Mr. Pibb (which keeps his figure looking good).  He can REALLY get the job done.  Thomas especially likes the rodeo.

Matthew (a.k.a. Levi)
Another disciple who really gets the job done.  Matthew is a tax collector or publican which is just so totally sweet it makes me want to kick my boss RIGHT IN THE FACE!  Matthew is known to hang out at the local video arcade.  Perhaps this is why he always has a scowl on his face.

James (the Younger or the Less)
James is one BAD disciple.  You would be too if you were always called "the Younger" and "the Less."  He's always got something to prove which often makes him take on 500 ninjas and pirates all on his own.  He can do it too.  Just charge him up with a dozen hotdogs and he'll show you how to get the job done.

Thaddeus (a.k.a. Jude or Judas(not Iscariot) )
Thaddeus is all that and then some.  He is the only disciple with a mullet.  He is truly "business in the front, party in the back."  You can often see him driving around Jerusalem in his 86 Camaro with REO Speedwagon blasting on the radio.  He also likes to get mail.

Simon (a.k.a. The Zealot)
Simon is possibly the best at helping old ladies cross the street and scrubbing tile floors.  He earned his nickname because he always gets the job done before he does ANYTHING else.  SWEET!

Judas Iscariot (the Betrayer)
Judas is perhaps the most well-known of the disciples.  Before betraying Jesus, he was probably the most charismatic of the disciples.  He is also the hottest.  He really has the whole package.  Judas likes pizza, soaps, and answering the huge amounts of mail he receives each day.

This is some lame Gentile standing next to
Simon Peters foot. Pete is one big dude!!!

DUDE!  Are these guys totally SWEET or what?! 12 guys 19 names!