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Frequently Asked Questions about Disciples

Q: What kind of things do Disciples eat?
A: Well they eat a lot of olives and melons. But mostly they like fish tacos and hotdogs (all-beef).  Thomas likes to eat them with Diet Mr. Pibb.
Q: Do Disciples get weekends off?
A: Not usually. Sometimes, if they have something important to take care of, they do.
Q: Someone once told me that Disciples follow Jesus around the desert and don't even think twice about it.
A: That is true. They don't even notice the heat or the dirt or the lizards.
Q: What do Disciples do in their free time?
A: Well mostly they sleep a lot or write stuff, but Thomas likes the Rodeo.
Q: Do Disciples like movies?
A: Of course.  In fact, all the disciples agree that their favorite movie is Jesus Christ: Superstar.  But they also like anything with John Candy in it.
Q: Do Disciples ever get tired of being so cool? Does the fame get to them?
A: Yeah right! Dude, Disciples are so sweet that they are totally the bomb! They never think twice about the fame which you would do well to remember.
Q: Are Disciples really cooler than pirates and even ninjas?
A: Disciples are so much cooler than both pirates and ninjas. Ninjas don't even have lasers and pirates are definitely not the whole package. Disciples are and that's that. Lepers are pretty sweet though.
Q: What are the Disciples views on Communism?
A: They totally hate it. In fact, it wasn't that long ago when this guy I know, Rusty, saw Peter bodyslam this communist guy right through a table!
Q: Are the Disciples of John the Baptist also cool?
A: The Disciples of John the Baptist are not only cool, but also sweet and/or fully hard-core! They are almost as cool as true Disciples while being just slightly cooler than Lepers although way sweeter than ninjas, pirates and BigFoot.

Disciples never hire clowns for any reason, not even birthday parties!