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Disciple Archive

If I Were a Disciple...
I can tell you this right now. If I were a Disciple I wouldn't have to work at this crummy job and I might even be a hot dog vendor part time! I'd fully BONK anyone for any reason as I deemed fit, because Disciples can do that and not even think twice about it. I would wear a sweet robe and have fully a rockin' hair style but I would never have to use mousse or gel or anything. If I were a Disciple I'd write stuff. Yeah! And without question, I'd get ALL the hot first century Jerusalem babes!
By Mike the Disciple wannabe

Something to think about...
What would you give to be a Disciple? Would you leave your business and sell your stuff? Even your velvet Elvis? Discuss amongst yourselves.

Random Disciple Fact...
Disciples are sweet!

Want a hot dog?

I considered the question above and decided that yes, I would do that to become a Disciple. Not only that, but I'd also do it on a double-dog dare!
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