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Don't overlook the coolness of the Leper.

Lepers are cool, and by cool... you all know the rest! Lepers are way cooler than ninjas or pirates, even cooler than BigFoot while not quite as cool as Disciples. Ninjas don't have lasers and Pirates are usually mean and BigFoot is not as evolved as he should be but Lepers have style! And that's the bottom line.
What is Leper Mind Control?
Lepers have this sweet ability to hypnotize ninjas, pirates, BigFoot and most Yankees fans. Their lack of physical prowess has heightened their already great mental abilities, which is awesome. Pirates may have lasers, but can they do some sweet mind control on their enemies? Pffft! Not on your life dude. BOOYAH!

*note* Thinking about Lepers makes me so pumped I nearly pile drive my boss everytime!