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A totally ROCKIN' disciple

How totally rockin' are Disciples?

Let me explain a little bit about the extaordinary coolness that is the Disciples. First off, Disciples get all the hot first century Jerusalem babes, which is just sweet! DUDE, is all I have to say but keep reading because I'm not done. If you have a job that needs doing that isn't too hainous, like picking up dog poop or clog dancing, the Disciples are your guys. Is there anything a Disciple can't do? If there is, I haven't found it, to which all I can say is DUDE! But there's more to say. Before I begin, let me just say this - if you doubt for a minute that Disciples can GET THE JOB DONE then you better learn how to tell what's real from what's fantasy in a major pronto type way, bub, or you will see what it's like when a Disciple lays the smackdown on you.

Just something to think about: Disciples don't find Jery Seinfeld very funny.

Some things to know about Disciples
1 - Disciples follow Jesus around the desert and don't even think twice about it.
2 - To become a Disciple you have to be totally HOT, which they all are and everyone knows it, so that's that.
3 - Disciples get ALL, and I mean ALL, the hot first century Jerusalem babes.
4- Disciples GET THE JOB DONE!
In case you meet a Disciple, DON'T do any of the following...
1 - Play dead. This only works with Grizzley bears!
2 - Offer them pork. You will get fully BONKED!
3 - Set yourself on fire. That's just common sense.
4 - Invite them over for a weenie roast. A guy I know, Rusty, did that once and they sold him to gypsies. DUDE... for real!

Check out this sweet Disciple footwear!

The Diciples in order from the hottest to the least hot
1 - Judas Iscariot (9 out of 10 hot first century Jerusalem babes agree)
2 - Peter (also Simon - or DUDE to his pals)
3 - James (the younger - youth totally rocks!)
4 - James (the older - yeah, he's still got it)
5 - Matthew (might have ranked higher but the guy never smiles)
6 - All the rest (they are all blessed with the same degree of hotness, which is fully rockin!)

Disciple Testamonials
My buddy Rusty once saw this Disciple, Peter, fully BONK this dumb Roman Centurion just because the centurion didn't say hi to him. If that is not GETTING THE JOB DONE, then nothing is! And later my other friend Rusty saw Mark totally pile drive this fully lame tax collector just because the guy had a beard! SWEET!
I tell you this, Disciples will always save a child from a burning building or get a cat out of a tree for any little old lady. If they were not Disciples, they would have probably been firemen or hot dog vendors. And not one of them would think twice about it!