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Rabbis vs. Disciples (or The Testing of Thomas) 

Scene 1

The moon is bright and the audience can see the man on the moon but they dont even think twice about it. Sitting by a fire are this old shepherd guy and his grandsons. Hes telling them a story, like the type of story they tell in the show Jerry Springer only with less chair throwing. In the background, coming out of the shadows or out of a van, these big pirate guys appear! They are fully KRUNKED out with like swords and parrots and one even has a George Foreman Grill! They approach the old shepherd like they are going to do something to him like maybe the type of thing that happens to Ariel in the Little Mermaid! One pirate, the biggest, says like Arrrgh, but apparently another pirate thinks differently because he says Arrrrrrrrrrgh, or something. Suddenly Thomas, who is not a coward in this movie, lands in the middle of the ring of pirates to protect the old man and his grandsons! The big pirate tries to kick Thomas in the shin but Thomas is way too slick and fully BONKS the pirate with his staff! The pirate goes down and his pirate buddies say that afterward, he limped so badly he couldnt even swab the poopdeck anymore! Thomas pulls out his harp and wails on it as the rest of the pirates run off like they guys in Dukes of Hazard!


Scene 2

A little while later after the old shepherd sells Thomas a hot dog (all beef), the rest of the Disciples show up and say they just solved some sweet mystery or something. Then Simon Peter tells this fully sweet joke about ghosts and they all laugh but not before the old shepherd wails on his lute! The credits roll as the music plays some fully sweet and/or hard core music like Wooly Booly or I Will Always Love You!!!

Random Disciple Fact:

Disciples don't all have beards, but those who do certainly don't need any gel or mousse or anything for them to be fully ROCKIN'

There aren't any Rabbis in this movie, but I thought the title was appropriate anyway.  Rabbis are nearly as cool as disciples because they even get hot 21st century Jerusalem babes or they eat beef franks.  There's nothing cooler than a Rabbi except maybe a disciple.